Saturday, 13 July 2013

Soluble fibre food is the best way of control the insulin level

Soluble fibre for insulin control:

Adding the fibre content in our daily food is always essential to live a healthy and energetic life, because the fibre is one such thing which balances your diet. Fiber is the best way to control the insulin level of the body. The reduction in fibre in the body is always dangerous because it increases the cholesterol level of the body. The uncontrolled level of the cholesterol always reduces the burning capacity of the body fats and it increases the body weight which leads to many heart diseases. So you must add enough soluble fibre food( in your body for living a healthy life.

Type of fibre and its function:

The fiber is found to be in two types, one is soluble and another one is insoluble fibre both are very important for the human health. The foods containing the insoluble fibres are fruits, wheat bran, whole grain, seeds, vegetable and legumes. The function of the insoluble fibre is to keep the waste removal system of the body in good shape. The foods which contain the soluble fibre contents are seeds, oats, barley, oat bran, legumes, and vegetables.  The function of the soluble fibre food is to slow the absorption of the glucose, slow the function of digestion system, and reduces the cholesterol level of the body. The advantage of consuming the fibres are to reduce the sugar content in our body. This leads to control the insulin level of the body. The fiber helps to keep our body fit.  

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